Mother’s Day

Virtually every post on Facebook today was either someone celebrating being a mother or fondly remembering a deceased mother. Since I do not have kids, and I cannot say I have many fond memories of my deceased mother, I was hoping for some good cheer. I told my husband much of this past week that I was expecting some sort of Mother’s Day recognition from out dogs. I guess he thought I was joking because I did not even get a card. Fortunately, I had scheduled a massage for myself today. I try to remember that just because I try to anticipate the wants and needs of people I love, I cannot expect people to do the same for me. The feeling I feel most often, both at work and in my personal life, is taken for granted. I cannot describe how often I wish I could just spontaneously combust and completely disappear, especially since I already feel so dispensable. Days like today just reinforce those feelings.

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